How to Fill (Not Stuff) Your Green Organics Carts

We couldn't be happier to see full organics carts along the roadside; knowing our residents are diverting food and yard waste away from the landfill and towards nutrient-rich compost. But we are seeing a few folks overstuffing the carts with fruit and leaves.

During the extra-wet times of the year, or any time of year when yard and garden waste is high, it's important to ensure we're not overpacking or stuffing the carts and adding more weight than can be handled by the mechanical arm of the collection truck.

Why is this a problem?

If carts are too heavy, the mechanical grab arms on collection trucks can't hold on to the cart when it gets tipped, which means the carts are sometimes slipping into the trucks.

This can break the carts, cause damage to the truck, and requires the drivers to climb up and remove the carts -- which can make for a long and stressful day for collection drivers who work hard every day to remove your organics, recycling and garbage.

How you can help:

In instances where organics carts are too heavy for the truck arm to lift, the contents of the cart may be left behind during the collection service. To ensure your cart is emptied here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • don't over-stuffing your cart with fruit or leaves
  • use your green cart primarily for food waste
  • top it up with leaves and other yard waste while making sure you're able to easily close and lock your lid
  • Avoid packing or stuffing items down in the cart to make more room

Don't leave your locking mechanisms dangling!

Remember to unclip the locking mechanisms from the lid, and then hook the mechanisms together, when placing organics carts roadside. Hooking them together while loose will minimize bangs and scapes, and other potential damage to your carts.

Questions about our trucks and how they work? Find out more here.

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