Sort'nGo in the Snow

As we see snow piling up with more in the forecast this winter, residents will probably need to alter the regular placement of their carts so that the collection vehicles can still reach them and pathways are clear.

Here are a few tips for snow season:

  • Find or clear off a site as close to the street as possible where you can set your carts out for collection — placing your carts at the end of your driveway, on either side, can make it easier for you and the collection trucks
  • Avoid placing carts on the travelled portion of the roadway where they will impede snow ploughs, and ensure they are not blocking sidewalks or bike lanes
  • Do not place carts on top of or behind snowbanks
  • A friendly reminder that carts should be at least 3 feet from parked vehicles or other obstacles
  • By clearing your cart of snow and ice, you can ensure the lid opens properly when carts get tipped
  • For the safety of residents: because collection carts are wheeled, please use extra caution when navigating in snowy and icy conditions
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