Sort'nGo Stats for September!

Since the launch of Sort'nGo on September 13, City of Port Alberni residents are busy sorting organics in their new green carts with the help of the Sort'nGo ARCD app. Now, the stats are in for the month of September:

Schedule alerts created - 2,503
Materials searched using the Waste Wizard - 27,717

Sorting game plays - 1,026

We're thrilled to see this level of engagement from the community, as everyone works hard to learn what and how to sort. We encourage folks to get help sorting with the Waste Wizard search tool on the app and to play the sorting game to learn where items belong.

Green Cart Items - Important Reminders

While we're currently seeing a percentage of organics being contaminated by items that don't belong in the green carts, we understand mistakes will happen during the transition phase of the new service.

As a friendly reminder, the following items do not belong in organics:

  • Keurig coffee pods (garbage)
  • Diapers (garbage)
  • Plastic bags filled with organics (no plastic bags at all please -- even those labelled compostable or biodegradable won't reliably break down and can cause contamination)
  • Rubber bands on produce and stickers (garbage)
  • Plastic ID tags from pots and planters (any plastic from gardening posts and planters needs to go in the garbage)
  • Juice boxes (Recycling Depot)
  • Cardboard in organics carts should be free of tape/plastic (tape can go in the garbage)

For more information about what can and can't go in the carts, please see our FAQs:

Contamination of our streams can be costly and will only take away from the total compost tonnage we're able to create and return to the community. If we work together, we can optimize our composting efforts and maintain a clean organics stream!

Get the Sort'nGo ACRD App

Stay in the know and start sorting and playing the game to become sorting star. Access the desktop version of the app here:
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