Sort'nGo Your Holidays!

If you’re wondering how to go green (or greener) this holiday season, we’ve got some tips!

Make it Sustainable

  • This is a great time to get rid of your gently used items and donate to a family in need. Local charities put together shoebox programs, etc. and are happy to accept.
  • Use hand-sewn or locally made gift bags for your gifts. Most wrapping paper is not recyclable (paper only wrap is accepted curbside but not wrap with glitter or plastic). Or make your own cool gift bags – and reuse them again next year.
  • Support your local economy and check out local stores for hand made, one-of-a-kind items. Consider low impact, no packaging presents.
  • Still stuck on the perfect gift for that special someone? Think of experiences rather than material gifts!
  • If you are giving material gifts, consider purchasing rechargeable batteries for electronics – or even adding a battery charger with your gift (almost 40% of all battery sales happen during the holidays!)
Green Gift Ideas
  • Give an experience (a night out, tickets to a show)
  • Give knowledge (tickets to a lecture, a workshop, an online magazine subscription)
  • Give rest (babysit for a busy parent, a housecleaner, a weekend away)
  • Give a hand (charitable donation, holiday basket for a family in need)
  • Go natural (seeds, bulbs, or plants for the garden or home)

What to Do With (Inevitable) Leftovers

  • Wrapping paper that is paper only can go in your blue recycling cart (glossy, glitter or plastic wrappings should go in the garbage)
  • Greeting cards can go in your recycling cart
  • Ribbon and other plastic accessories should go in the garbage
  • Don't forget, leftover food scraps from holiday dinner plates can also go right into your organics carts – meat, bones, dairy, and greases

Christmas Tree Tips

  • If you’re still looking to purchase a tree, consider reusable tree, or a potted tree that the family can plant after the holidays.
  • Save energy by turning off tree lights when you’re out or in bed (remember that non-working Christmas lights are recyclable. Bring the entire strand to 3rd Ave. depot!)
  • Once the holidays are a wrap, natural trees can be taken to the KidSport Port Alberni annual Christmas tree recycling event! This will be a one-day blitz on January 2, 20222 from 10am - 4pm at the Echo Centre in Port Alberni (back parking lot). More details at:
  • You can also dispose of your tree in your green organics cart provided trees are chopped down to two-feet long branches with a 2 inch diamtre, maximum (this ensures they'll make it through the trucks hopper system without getting stuck). Trees can not stick out of the carts; lids must be able to close easily.

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